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Born in Clayfield, Queensland, he moved to WA in 1971.  For more than 50 years, he was a member of the ALP. A former MLA Ted Cunningham was a loyal Labor Party member who worked tirelessly for his constituents....

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Ted Cunningham Park Memorial

Picture Edward Joseph Cunningham [Ted] 
    BORN: November 26, 1937
    DIED:   November 2, 2003


The Girrawheen Senior High School P & C has constructed a Peace and Harmony Wall and has dedicated a memorial park to the late Edward (Ted) Cunningham, former MLA for Girrawheen.
This momentous event was commemorated on Friday 19th March 2004. Girrawheen Senior High School has a complex multicultural history; that has been addressed over recent years. The harmony wall is a symbol of the schools efforts and success at striving towards peace and harmony amongst the wider community. Our former MLA Ted Cunningham was fundamental to the immense progress achieved in breaking down the barriers that have fragmented our community. His efforts enabled interactive links between differing cultural groups. We feel that it is appropriate to honour his labours by establishing a memorial park and the dedication of this park was in conjunction with the official opening of
The Peace and Harmony Wall.
Many people have had their names engraved onto Stainless Steel Plaques to be attached to the Wall.
Each plaque 400mm x 300mm has approx. 40 names inscribed.
Members of the public shall be able to access and view this memorial to Peace The project was designed to be self-funding any remaining funds benefitted the students of Girrawheen Senior High School
The Girrawheen Senior High School Parents and Citizens Association Inc.

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We encourage you to participate in the Peace and Harmony Wall...

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