About the Friends of Koondoola Regional Bushland

Koondoola Regional Bushland is a 136 hectare reserve located in the suburb of Koondoola.  The Friends of Koondoola Regional Bushland are a group of people interested in the conservation and care of this significant piece of bushland.  Our primary aims are to care for the local bushland and encourage the local community to participate in its preservation and enjoy learning about it.

 Friends of Koondoola Regional Bushland (FKRB) undertake a wide range of activities that allow interested groups in the local community to become involved.











 Conduct guided nature walks

     Weed out problem plants

     Remove rubbish

      Collect and press plant specimens for a herbarium

      Make observations of plant occurrence and flowering times

      Take photographic records

      Collect seed for regeneration work

      Discourage and report damage to the bushland and anti-social behaviour

     Educate about the bushland through talks and displays


Monthly Guided Nature Walks 
Held on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

Newsletter  Published quarterly

Photographic displays

Weekly weeding  Every Wednesday morning.  For times / meeting place Contact the 
Friends of Koondoola

Bushcare  Rubbish & weed removal, flora survey.

















Friends of Koondoola Regional Bushland activities provide an excellent way for community groups/members to gain great satisfaction in knowing they are making a difference to the conservation of Perth’s unique bushland for future generations.

  As part of our commitment to educate the community about this area the Friends conduct a guided nature walk each month. 

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