The Friends of Koondoola Regional Bushland 
Vision for the Wetland

What Was  

Up to about ten years ago there were wetland rushes, reeds, sedges, swamp banksias, (Banksia litoralis), huge stout paperbark trees (Melaleuca preisiana) water up to two metres deep from about October to April, breeding frogs, ducks and other water birds.  


The ducks still breed in the trees, but there is nowhere for them to feed.  No other water birds are sighted except those flying overhead.

No frogs have been recorded since 1997 when the last Moaning Frog was heard in the southwest drainage basin.  

Poorly managed storm water drains introduce miscellaneous weeds, including feral bullrush (Typha orientalis), dump rubbish as well as erode the soil.  

A regularly reworked environmentally damaging B.M.X. Track exists in the middle of Little Emu Swamp.

Frequent fires are destroying the mature trees and supporting invasion of prolific pasture grass weeds such as Paspalum (Paspalum dilatatum), African Love Grass (Eragrostis curvula) and Veldt Grass (Erharta calycina).  


















Friends of Koondoola Regional Bushland are tackling the environmental weeds such as Victorian Teatree, Caltrop, Carnation Weed with success and the City of Wanneroo has sprayed the Veldt and Love Grass on one occasion.  The perimeter fence has reduced the number of vehicles damaging the area.  The Fire and Rescue Service are prompt to extinguish fires (although, not always, but improving), and native species not seen for many years are reappearing.






1.  Properly managed drains with environmentally sensitive designed sumps.

2.  Annual natural refilling of the ephemeral wetlands resulting in the continuing natural return of the flora and fauna.

3.  NO feral grasses.

4.  NO dogs on the reserve to protect the fauna including the bandicoots and black-gloved wallabies surviving there from harassment and hunting by people and dogs.

5.  NO other feral animals such as pigeons, doves, cats, foxes, rats and mice.

6.  NO B.M.X. track, but suitable facilities provided for the young people in nearby grassed parks in the Cities of Stirling, Swan and Wanneroo.  (Wanneroo has already installed a small track in Koondoola Park).

7.   A well developed public education program and financially self-supporting tourist use of the area.

8.     Sensitively placed vandal proof boardwalks and bird viewing points.


I believe we’ve made a good start already.










Bush walkers of Koondoola meet at the entrance gate (located at the corner of Koondoola Avenue and Burbridge) every 2nd Saturday at 8.00 am sharp for their tour.

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