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*** Koondoola Facts ***

Koondoola is an Aboriginal word meaning "Emu"...
Koondoola is the highest location north of the city of Perth
The Suburb was formed in 1973 when Home West subdivided both Koondoola and Girrawheen to provide cheaper accommodation for young families ...


Welcome to Koondoola
The smallest suburb with the biggest ideas...

Facts about Koondoola

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Rudkin Place

Interesting to note is that at one time No one wanted to live in 19 Rudkin Place until the NEW NORTH PROJECT refurbished it and an access-way was closed and then all the properties sold in one weekend.
19rudkinplace2.jpg (67240 bytes)   watertank2a.jpg (75153 bytes)
Rudkin Place                Water Tower

Neighbourhood Watch

The Neighbourhood Watch is one of the strongest in the Joondalup
Police District with Street Reps in most streets.
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Origin of the Street Names of Koondoola

Many of the names of Koondoola's roads and streets are based on War Veterans.
Here is a list of all the ones we managed to track down. If you know the origin of your street name, not listed here, please email us the details! 

Street Names Koondoola

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