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*** Koondoola Facts ***

Koondoola is an Aboriginal word meaning "Emu"...
Koondoola is the highest location north of the city of Perth
The Suburb was formed in 1973 when Home West subdivided both Koondoola and Girrawheen to provide cheaper accommodation for young families ...


Welcome to Koondoola
The smallest suburb with the biggest ideas...

Projects Report    

Project     Incorporation   Successful
Roundabout re-siting [Burbridge-Varcoe Ave]  Successful
Wanneroo Council Public Access-way submission

1.   Local use survey requested

2.   Priority on safety

3.   Improvements if not approved for closure
Successful -- Incorporated into Council policy.

377 Bus route submission   Successful

Shelvock Park footpath replacement   Successful
Callison Way drain [in-road sump]  Successful after 24 years
Wrecks on verges   Successful - Rangers now pro-active
Non conforming verges Council have now employed staff to deal with this
Web Pages  [Previously abandoned] now active and under further planning
Shopping centre Joint council/centre verge work  Plan approved
Parking nibs at Burbridge School to be altered Plan recommended
Burbridge Playground project[Crown Reserve] On hold - ideas needed
Trucks in residential areas  Council have now employed staff to deal with this
Marangaroo Drive Bus Shelter move  Successful
Two bus shelters for the new route  Approved by Council
Bathgate Loop fence closure  Admin recommendation coming to Council

Alan Blencowe 
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