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 ***Mackenzie Prayer***

  Bless a' the MacKenzies an' a' the Mackenzie childer; their sons an' son's childer and their dochiter's for a thousan' years to come.  Be Ye gracious an' send doon mountains o' snuff, an rivers of whiskey...
Glorious ye are for ever more...
 [excerpts from the full version]...

A quaint and unusual prayer altogether...

Found in records Ewan Macdonald Glengary...
             Comfort and Peace to you all
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Thought you might find these restful or even healing  I Find them good for the soul although I am not exactly a holy man these words can bring comfort and hope or even bring you to a place where things do not seem so bad...  

A wonderful verse for uplifting the soul...   Footprints 

Lift and Guard yourself in the modern world with this old favourite
The 23rd psalm...  The Lord's Prayer

Remember who we are bring ya down to earth verse...   Serenity Prayer

A prayer for parting friends and loved ones...   Mizpah prayer

Really moving Spiritual Story cuts right to the heart...  Ragman

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