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  Home they say is where the heart is no truer statement can one make...
I do mean the real meaning of the word home here not just a title for a roof over ones head...
A safe haven a place where often one lest ones hair down becomes much more the true self because we feel it is like a sanctuary where we can let go ...

Home with the lights on...  a fire burning ...
             Home with the lights on... a fire burning ...
 Graphic with words Home is where the heart is...
 Graphic with heart and word Home                                               Graphic with heart and word Home

 Flower Garden Bar                                       Flower Garden Bar
If you wish not to stay remember whilst I drew near

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You part soon But all at once must leave at last
  Flower Garden Bar                                      Flower Garden Bar
   Bottom graphic with little houses a safe and words harmony heartland friendship community love unity home

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 Graphic word of Home
 Graphic pic of a house

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