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 ***Favourite Things***

  A sense of place of belonging is often established by favourite things an identification with what we find comfortable. I guess it contributes to keeping order in our lives and in the world. Highlights can be part of our favourite things and to reminisce about them by putting them in hard copy also helps to create that safe zone and area where we feel warm comfy at home...

Highlights are the sparkle of Fav things...
            Macs Highlights Interesting and Informative ...
Macs Highlights

This really is my home away from home... On this site you will find lots of interesting things to look at please enjoy. I like to spend time building websites as you can see but I am mainly a house person who also does community work mainly on local committees. If you like you can read a critique of my thoughts on all sorts of things like favourite movies and computer games  Kangaroo Emu Icon Left Macs Ramblings   Kangaroo Emu Icon Right

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The Heartland Genealogy Site   Kangaroo Emu Icon Left Genealogy   Kangaroo Emu Icon Right

If you need city service for you computer in Western Australia   Kangaroo Emu Icon Left Dynacom   Kangaroo Emu Icon Right

Need a good ISP for Western Australia   Kangaroo Emu Icon Left   Kangaroo Emu Icon Right

WebTechU provides instructor assisted courses in basic HTML, Advanced HTML, and Paint Shop Pro. Stop by the campus and check us out. Tuition is Free! 
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