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 ***Poetry in Motion***

 Poetry can almost be described as words in motion and we all know that there are many great poets in the world coupled with that there are many budding poets who seek to find themselves by this expressionism.
Words that are pieced together often give great joy and emotion has been known to surface when a good speaker recites quality poetry...

Poetry expressions of the mind ...
             Macs Poetry Expressions of my mind...
  header graphic with word Aborigine

 graphic pic of Aborigine facing right    graphic of Aboriginal hunting shield      graphic of a boomerang coming towards you       graphic of Aboriginal hunting shield      graphic pic of Aborigine facing right

Aboriginal ancestor stand hunting weapons spearing hand
Mustering moments solace virginal motherland
Browns glistening starkness body sweat clearly ban
Ritual boundaries observing close stillness desert sand
Walkabout memories faded food source wombat clan
Kangaroo leaping symbols goanna sustenance pan
Painted brightly colour stripes circling skin
Brother tribal elders counselling worried men

Didgeridoo deepening sound child noise scatter bound
Cooking fires whispering smoke womenfolk bustling constant choke
Winds soft murmuring deserted lean-to ghost
Onward present time temptations broken hearted folks
Blistering sun behind modern life awaits
Dominating destroying wonderful worldly fate
Shivering remembering slaughtered nations past 
Two hundred years nothing lasts
Sacred sites left homeless bonded artefacts earthed
Dormant spirits wailing unfair punished cursed
Caring white man wonder peoples possible demise
Blessed weaken beings stand false now realize

Camps encompass city edge offend naked eye
Find fairer solution don't let my people die
Desperate education alcoholic shame
Thousands bashed beleaguered never forget my name

Land rights never ending governmental tape confused
Sorting stupid problems never correct issue
Help us hear us crying watching hurting state
Love us open freely wiping off sickening slate

Leading learning tomorrows crawling slowly search
Discovering new horizons pocketing folklores church
Urging encouragement humbly coveting earnest words
Seeking savouring experience loudly defying curds

Aboriginal flag float high nation pride held marked
Remembering ones fathers dreaded drastic task
Heads profoundly unique hue bodied blossomed though
Artwork stands steady owned torching universe unknown
Aboriginal desires fronted Aboriginal proudly care
Aboriginal birthright counted Aboriginal so there
Aboriginal always lasting Aboriginal dusty scared
Aboriginal deep face expression Aboriginal dreamtime bard
Stuart Charles Mackenzie

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