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 ***Poetry in Motion***

 Poetry can almost be described as words in motion and we all know that there are many great poets in the world coupled with that there are many budding poets who seek to find themselves by this expressionism.
Words that are pieced together often give great joy and emotion has been known to surface when a good speaker recites quality poetry...

Poetry expressions of the mind ...
             Macs Poetry Expressions of my mind...
Baby Born...

A tribute to a Heartland Baby Born

Baby born Oh child of mine
A little speck of godís sunshine
Will you last the test of time
Memories fading churned out fine

Pink crisp new with freshness blessed
Mother waiting time to rest
Bundled joy so full of zest
Mother knows when things are best

Masters perfection placed fit like a glove
Gentle feelings whiteness of a dove
 Clouded calming gift of love 
Inspiration perchance from above

Touching deeply salving softness
Perfection ponders muddled caress
Breathing deeply inhaled sereneness
Wishing kindness more for less

Listen heartbeat motion stirred rest
Laid at peace in warmth of nest
Nuzzled closeness nature breast
Contented confinement past the test

Nightmare rising early hours cast
Waking aching tiring fast
Full dried comfort scent to last
Rest now couple all is past

Parent bonding basking abound
Waiting watching casting sound
Cuddling gurgling all around
Happiness over flowing now all found

Blissfully surrounded with a hand
Clinging clustered swaddling brand
Put forward proudly make the stand
Announce for joy with a loudly band

 Baby mother father family true
Holds together just like glue
Mounting closeness overdue
Baby arrived right on cue
Stu [stumacsu] Stuart Charles Mackenzie

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