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 ***Poetry in Motion***

 Poetry can almost be described as words in motion and we all know that there are many great poets in the world coupled with that there are many budding poets who seek to find themselves by this expressionism.
Words that are pieced together often give great joy and emotion has been known to surface when a good speaker recites quality poetry...

Poetry expressions of the mind ...
             Macs Poetry Expressions of my mind...

Butterfly Spirit


Butterfly Spirit free with the wind   Motion stagnates beauty all to rescind
Beaten with winged flapping arduous task   Revealing the luscious caressing mask
Onward in wonder the world does abound   Listen in silence the effervescent sound
Flitter and flutter all over the realm   Flashing with colours of the bristling elm
Need not to anguish settle to branch   Thousands the likeness appears avalanched
Cascading in motion of never ending joy    We look on in wonder just like a wee boy
Innocence in antiquated luminescent light   Not this apparition to put up a fight
Rather to conquer with imagination set on fire   Massively leading mankind to inspire
Woven with love transcending all hate   We must make sure that we enter this gate
Furthering futures of framework surround   Plants of a lifetime the natural background
Bluster on forward to new heights desire   Let the messenger move fierce to aspire
Carry the learning we need to absorb   Do not let us turn to a spinning orb
Touch on the shoulder of the leaf of life   Greened and blessed a breath in times of strife
Release the news of friendship worldwide   Comfort and calm are right by your side
Shielding the harshness of morns early bright   End of day comes soon enough to bring fright
In between hours of lonesome exclusion   Bind with your neighbour knock out the confusion
Return simplicity of the minute butterfly    Soaring just reaching up to the sky
Yet covering the universe here on the earth   Monumental is the extremes of its small girth
Grant to the altar of worship close heart   Maddening self taught sanities spirit departs
Building serenely emotional strength   Aid us by the hour our stake is the length
No not the reasons forsaken the sense    Huge is the price payed the terrible expense
See you not the faith of the nature of truth   Lead by the hand it is not so uncouth
Count of the days of the lasting times past   Can we ignore had we learnt too fast
Rites of learning nestle deep gaping hole    Hasten us to the doom of the soul
Dark is the heaviness of mans lost thought   Often we wonder what have we sought
Saddle with soreness alongside the gloom   Let then come hither enter the room
Perhaps to saunter by the window to see   Bend to the lounge side and down on one knee
Butterfly let me learn from your cue   Butterfly spirit instil me like dew

Stu [stumacsu] Stuart Charles Mackenzie

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