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 ***Poetry in Motion***

 Poetry can almost be described as words in motion and we all know that there are many great poets in the world coupled with that there are many budding poets who seek to find themselves by this expressionism.
Words that are pieced together often give great joy and emotion has been known to surface when a good speaker recites quality poetry...

Poetry expressions of the mind ...
             Macs Poetry Expressions of my mind...


Desperation in my mind Sometimes thinking likely blind
Madness flaming ice white hot Staggering cascading eyes blood shot

Bludgeoning endless no sense make Blade-like stabbing heart-like stake
Unbelief revolving round Constant bombarding blasting sound

Woeful exasperation left bare Exposed raw nerves nightmarish stare
Danger light flash mismatched bay Fusion confusion alluring array

Holi-graphic visions turmoiling twist Glass like brittleness abyss
Mastered control sensors distilled Watershed flush overload milled

Signals surging misread state Thoughts abounding outer fate
Screaming loudness vaguely spent Reasoning gone wanton bent

Roller-coaster merciful nagging break Lunacy vibrating vicious hate
Smouldering illusions outlandish devout Clearing brain cells virtual clout

Muscled emotions nailed flawless concept Human flushing eyes drained wept
Souls cold searching endless loss Manic devouring washed over moss

Ranted ravings ravage remark Ghastly ghostly flashes stark
Boredoms fearing nearing fail Clouded sounds loudly rail

Bursting waves launching strained Holding steadying calmly refrain
Comfort calling cushioned despair Breathing deep life vanquished air

Onward ever Onward pursuit final rest Searching relentless ended best
Sleep now trouble weary mind Dawn awakens refreshed refined


Stuart Charles Mackenzie [stumacsu]

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