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 ***Poetry in Motion***

 Poetry can almost be described as words in motion and we all know that there are many great poets in the world coupled with that there are many budding poets who seek to find themselves by this expressionism.
Words that are pieced together often give great joy and emotion has been known to surface when a good speaker recites quality poetry...

Poetry expressions of the mind ...
             Macs Poetry Expressions of my mind...

Our Valley...

 Graphic of a dove flying

The Spirit Of Peace...

nestled valley hills down plains
human life source heartened lanes
natures miracle abounds in full
countries spirits gathering pull

people places all around
feelings faces stories astound
tunnels turmoils intertwined
homesteads humming line by line

painted pictures portraits who
never guessing might be you
grans granddads mothers too
sons daughters dads right thru

friendly neighbours helping hand
smoothly flowing our heartland
comfort heightens every soul
lifeline searching taking toll

high thru lows sustained by all
meanings shaken standing tall
captured vented soul to soul
beings reaching compassionately whole

strengthening courage merging minds
learning guiding shifting behinds
friendships building brick on brick
peaceful outcome no mean trick

valleys depths valleys heights
hearts goals combining lights
valleys steaders valleys gold
source contentment natures inspiring hold

spiral deepens emerging love
valleys leaders symbolic safe dove
breathing spreading spouting out
valleys one ness valleys about

Stuart Charles Mackenzie

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