Man's Best Friend...

Been sitting here trying to come up with a Topic for this weeks article. So this folks is what you get. Most people might say particularly the ladies that Man's Best Friend is their soul mate, wife, partner, whatever, which I must agree is quite true. They say behind every successful man is a good wife/woman, unfortunately this particular article is in regards to Man's Other Best Friend, The dog.

Often referred to as a Faithful Companion, the dog has many traits and almost Human qualities that befriend them to Man. I myself started out with a actual fear of dogs particularly ones of the large and nasty type, once even being bitten in the middle of the back by one around the age of if I remember correctly about 13-14 years old. Things did change however and the very same dogs which I wasn't feared I now handle without any trouble, well mostly anyway depending on the circumstances. Perhaps just a little elaboration here is to say that in most situations I can now handle large even savage dogs.

 I have for many years now kept, myself mainly German shepherds also known as Alsatians, known as such only as Alsatians for a long time in this country due to the War time period of the hate of anything associated with Germany or the word German, but now commonly know as Shepherds. Although the breed or at least some of them originate from a place called Alsace, forgive me if that spelling is wrong. I would also like to add here that I mention myself as keeping them because my wife usually keeps a much smaller breed of dog.

Okay now we have that all cleared up, I have had several German Shepherds as Man's Best Friend over the years and they have been generally in my opinion quite placid dogs very safe with children, although of course one must take precautions with any dogs and young children, not so much because the dogs are necessarily dangerous but because young children can and often do get out of hand often hurting the dogs and causing them to attack the children.

I must say hear that I have never had German shepherds that have attacked my children although they have been apt to attack anyone threatening my children and I believe these dogs do know the difference between play and threat. I did at one time have a Shepherd that I acquired through a person, who had to give him up because he was a long distance Truck driver and the dog was fine while in the truck on the road, but when at home would fight with the owners other dog and would usually get the bad end of the stick. This dogs previous owner the one before the truck driver that is, had mistreated the dog and when I first got him, his name was Shadow by the way,

Stu!... [stumacsu] Stuart Charles Mackenzie

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