Hobbies now I have had many of them in my lifetime, from war-gaming to attempts at building my own furniture. One while I was younger was a crazed every possible spare hour all consuming hobby that being the war-gaming craze, one I might add I still have cravings for. The second not so good producing a couple of reasonable coffee tables made from recycled crate timber [a Californian pine very nice grain] but being unable to end up with a finished product it quickly faded into non-existence.

Now that brings me to my current two joys apart from my wife and my littlest one Caetlan that is. Firstly as you may know I write Poetry, Short Stories and the odd Article or Essay I have a passion for it maybe, sometimes I just sit down fingers to the keys and it flows and flows almost effortlessly.  I am not the expert and perhaps I do not produce that best seller that one craves for but I certainly do have a deep sense of achievement that is very satisfying. If by pure chance and I believe it does happen on occasion I actually contact with someone and make them laugh or cry then I am of course overjoyed.  After all the whole purpose even of a hobby writer is to have some effect to maybe just have an affective coming together of the writer, his words and the reader and their emotional reactions.

Of course this can be a very frustrating hobby on some occasions thankfully not often in my case one goes completely blank the good old writers cramp or whatever the current saying is for such a calamity. Inevitably though it will flow again sometimes all it takes is a suggestion, a chat with a friend or even the setting of a topic of interest, it is like the key that opens the imagination of your soul mostly though you can stimulate yourself just by taking a close look around you space and observing all the wonders right before your eyes. Anyway there are basically so many topics to pick from it would be hard not to find something to write about. I think if you are ever at a loss for something to do and have had a thought that maybe you might like to try your hand then do not hold back have a go, you never know you might just surprise yourself.

I actually let my talent lay dormant for many years then a good maybe fourteen years ago I spent two weeks producing about ten poems then a long spell till maybe the last 3 years I guess roughly and I have been producing something every month. Some months only a few items other times I have turned out large amounts of material now that is not to say it is all good stuff but certainly some of it is and I truly believe it is like any other challenge that you tackle the more you try the better you become at it. Unless of course it is one of those situations where you are like me completely hopeless at the set task whatever that might be.  There are many places around the internet where you can go to get help with writing such as writing groups and even some Ezines have sections that cater for you to learn the processes. So as the hobby of this months topic why not give it a try.

Next month I will talk about the other hobby of mine webpage building which involves all sorts of things like HTML, PHP, MSQL, CSS and a whole heap of tools to produce exciting pages for your web presence.

Until we meet again take care and may the sun always shine on your back...

Stu!... [stumacsu] Stuart Charles Mackenzie Article October 2002

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