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is a vital part of the  world's oldest continuous cultural tradition. A brilliant and exciting area of modern art...
 Artists use techniques and materials such as ochre pigments strongly rooted in tradition for painting... _________________

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Community Garden
We would like to introduce the Girrawheen Senior High School Aboriginal Islander Education Officer

This is Retz Oddy . He is here to help the students and parents integrate into the school system where possible and to intercede on behalf of indigenous students who may be having difficulties settling into the education system at school by using his training and local knowledge of the indigenous people...

Retz Oddy will continue the work in progress for indigenous students he started many years ago.

This Educational Liaison Officer is an important and essential part of the Girrawheen Senior High Schools commitment to improving the standards of indigenous education...  We encourage you to make the most of this presence by actively engaging these dedicated people to ensure that your children receive the very best outcome from their time in the education system...  The  years spent in high are an important stepping stone to the students future, it is during this time that they learn many abilities that will enable them to cope and deal with life as adults in the busy active world we now find ourselves in...     You can contact any of them on 9247 0555

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