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 Words Learning and Sanctuary Symbols  Words Learning and Sanctuary are an essential part of much contemporary Aboriginal art.
Aboriginal peoples have long artistic traditions within which they use conventional designs and symbols...
Applied to bodies and shields they have religious significance...

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Community Garden
Welcome to the Miya Kaadadjiny Learning Sanctuary Community Centre

The Learning Sanctuary Community Center already has a number of programs in progress some of which are the Follow the Dream, an independent program designed to help students continue at school untill yr12 and progress on to university...  The afternoon gatherings run every Wednesday for parents and children to come together and enjoy each others company and do crafting and cooking... The Community Garden project which involves gatherings on the first Sunday of each month to come and talk, cook, plant vegies, do gardening or artwork or whatever else might be a particular talent that you can offer...
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We hope to have many diversified programs running in the centre as time progresses. One of the main aims of the centre is to encourage parents into the school grounds in a comfortable and safe environment where they can relax and discuss issues of the students educational outcomes and other social isuses of the general community. We look forward to the centre developing into a busy and progressive place for the coming together of not just indigenous people but all cultures that are a part of the Girrawheen Senior High School and the surrounding suburbs.

So keeping those thoughts in mind we wish to welcome all of those carers to the Learning Sanctuary Community Centre. IF you wish to join us for afternoon tea perhaps you might like to contact on 9342 0577
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