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Most Aboriginal people speak English as their first
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These languages face a bleak future, retention of the language heritage when possible is upheld.  Cultural pride and sense of identity is a tragic loss if communities lose their language...

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Community Garden
Welcome to the Miya Kaadadjiny Learning Sanctuary Community Centre
The Learning Sanctuary Community Centre is a demountable which has been placed at the far end of Calvert Way on the Girrawheen Senior High School grounds...
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Divided into 7 separate rooms, the inside walls are wood panelled and all rooms have windows, the building is air-conditioned throughout. Blinds are on all windows and carpet on the floors except the kitchen and toilet area which has lino.  The building has two rooms of equal size at either end and a large open area in between which is used as a meeting room off to the back are two utility rooms. The first utility room have now been turned into a kitchen, with cupboards,sink fridge and stove.  The second room has been converted into toilet cubicle an outlying area for the washbasin . It is situated in natural bushland and care was taken to try to preserve the original state. At the front is a set of stairs leading to the front door. A veranda style patio has been added along the front . Also a retaining wall with brick paving is in place and a BBQ has been purchased.  We Gratefully acknowledge the help from the Community Development Foundation and the New North. The front wall mural has been completed with students, teachers and volunteers all taking part in the wonderful art project. The building has also recently been painted on the outside, although great care was taken in preserving the students artwork. The primary purpose of this building is for the indigenous parent|carers and students of Girrawheen Senior High School to feel welcome and comfortable within the structured parameters of this place of learning. By using the centre as a stepping stone we hope to bridge the gap between staff parent|carers and students to a successful and pleasant outcome of quality interaction between all concerned...
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