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Bobby Approved The Bobby approved banner means that this site has been approved for the diaABLED viewers. As you read this, you will see that much of the content is directed to addressing the problems, that people who are blind, and using screen readers encounter, in using the Web.  That is because the primary problems in Web access, are encountered by this population. People with physical disABILITIES, do not have much problem with the design of Web pages.  If they encounter problems, it is usually with the design of the browser.  People with hearing problems only have difficulty if there is important information being presented aurally.  As long as all audio information is also provided visually, there usually is no problem in accessing the Web site.  Finally, people with cognitive disABILITIES, usually benefit from clearly laid out pages, which use plain language, and are obvious in their operation.  I deal with some of the important issues in the design of Web pages and solution strategies.




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