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Community Garden
Welcome to the Miya Kaadadjiny Learning Sanctuary Community Centre
As you may be aware it is of the most importance that we all as parent|carers show as much support as possible to our children in this very vulnerable time of their developing years. These are the years which help to mold our young people, so you can see that our contribution at this time is also of a great necessity. Gatherings will be a means of accomplishing these goals and will be held at various times so as to allow for all to participate at some time.  We hope to hold several gatherings throughout the year...
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These gatherings will be to encourage you as parents|carers to come along and get to know each other in the community and perhaps meet other people in surroundings that are familiar and comfortable. The Gatherings are usually fairly informal and hopefully provide different sources of information that you may feel helps you to not only encourage students to stay at school but also to achieve higher standards of education in today's tough and competitive market.

We truly would like to see the Learning Sanctuary Community Centre become a central gathering place for the community as we strive to help our students make significant advances in the educational fields that they choose to pursue. We know that with your co-operation and strong support that the students take to heart your involvement in their education and achieve higher standards as a result which leads to far better outcomes in their overall future. So we strongly urged you all to take part in any activities at the centre where-ever possible so that together we can lead our youth into a bright and prosperous future...
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