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*** Miya Kaadadjiny ***

The Miya Kaadadjiny Learning Sanctuary Community Centre was established to promote the development and well being of the Indigenous Parents and Students in the suburbs of Balga, Girrawheen and Koondoola Community. ...
ABN: 54 584 217 520
PO Box 4088
Alexander Heights WA 6064
Ph: 9342 0577
Welcome to the
Miya Kaadadjiny Learning Sanctuary Community Centre

Our mission to promote the growth and development of Indigenous students and parents in all areas of the  Girrawheen Senior High School. To pursue the goals outlined throughout this site a building has been established on the school grounds it is called the...

MIYA KADAADJINY  [ House of Learning ]
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Please enjoy the very best experience possible while browsing around the Miya Kaadadjiny site   Miya Kaadadjiny is an integral part of the educational system at Girrawheen Senior High School and great care is taken to make sure that indigenous students in this school are adequately catered for in all areas of learning while also assuring a sense of belonging and sanctuary.   To further support these principles the promotion of parental involvement where-ever possible is also encourage and it has been shown by past studies that where parents take the time to be involved with their children, the educational outcomes that  result are most impressive while also showing a substantial difference to regular attendance.

Our wishes for you are: May you learn something new everyday... May you enjoy the warmth and comfort of family and friends... May you be healthy, wealthy and wise... May you both give and receive an abundance of love... And may the sun always shine on your back...
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Our logo is deep in expression and symbolism...

As there is no word for sanctuary in the local indigenous language Miya was used meaning "house"... Kaadadjiny meaning "learning"... Hence Learning Sanctuary...
The Hand reaches out and also surrounds the turtle giving sanctuary...  The turtle is the symbol of the years of learning and struggle associated with a long life span.  The strength and courage from the outer shell that comes from the Sanctuary found within...

The Ted Cunningham Peace & Harmony Memorial Garden and Wall Project is presented by the Girrawheen Senior High School P+C Committee...

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