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 Words Learning and Sanctuary Prehistory  Words Learning and Sanctuary of Aboriginals living in Australia claims 40,000 years, more recently as long as 60,000 years.  Such a long period of major changes makes it difficult to imagine indigenous  people remaining culturally and technologically static.  Cultural diversity and change remains today...

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Welcome to the Miya Kaadadjiny Learning Sanctuary Community Centre
Would you like to be a part of exciting challenges that face the indigenous parent|carers and students at Girrawheen Senior High School...
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Well the simple solution is to come along not only to the ASSPA gatherings that take place every month usually at 12 noon on the third Wednesday of every month unless otherwise stated, but also to take part as a volunteer in helping the Learning Sanctuary Community Centre to run smoothly from day to day. Only with by a concerted effort from all of us can we really make a presence felt around the school and the more we do so the more confident our children will be in taking part in all activities that make high school life such a memorable part of their growing years.

To further the multicultural flavour of the school the indigenous contribution is most significant being as indigenous people are the original inhabitants of this great country of ours and being that as such we have so much to pass on to our children. We strongly urged you to join us and participate where-ever possible because it not only furthers the advancement of our students in education but also helps us to take a pride in our own achievements as parent|carers.

If you have any skills that you would care to pass on in a voluntary basis then it is essential that you join us and as a team we can make a difference. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 9342 0577. Strength in numbers and solid foundations supplied through teamwork can only enhance the caring attitudes required to make a mark on this schools history of indigenous educational outcomes...

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