Oct 12 Australia an Awakening

On this day tragedy struck the Balinese paradise many people lost there lives
and much devastation was caused yet still the free peoples of the world rise up
and out from the ashes with pride and determination to continue
 holding the banners of Good high over Evil...

My small tribute...

Oct 12 Australia an Awakening

 Remember Oct  12

A double edged sword struck down that day
Erupting suddenly wiping paradise away
Striking without warning a little place
Yet again hitting the world right in the face

Many Australians innocent died at play
Memories locked violently solid in dismay
Parents and children left forlorn alone
Shattering emotions to the very bone

Many mates were lost gone forever
Never stopping the Aussie endeavor
Although the fun had gone astray
Still they stayed kneeled down to pray

Search for loved ones amongst the rubble
Certainly this has burst the bubble
You see many nationalities where lost
A tragedy always at high cost

Around this Earth we have felt the pain
It is becoming more common like the rain
No longer will our everyday life
Be free to enjoy just full of strife

Paradise in Bali now lost has come to stay
Balinese feel responsible, frantic sorry they say
Yet in there own suffering the misery of despair
Perform sacred rituals to rid the evil there

Now as it always shall be when confronted with shame
Our world stands together under one united name
For the spirit of the free world can never be beaten down
We forever lift our hearts and souls with great renown

Stu!... [stumacsu] Stuart Charles Mackenzie Poem October 2002