Unique: Sept 11 2001

The significance of this day will remain
as a part of the worlds history for all time.

 Remember Sept 11

In remembrance of fallen innocent souls...

Poetry Title: Shaken Innocence October 2001
Shaken Innocence

Walk hand in hand to future gone
A light of blindness brightly shone
Vanquished mortality downward plunge
Explanation screaming with poignant lunge

To earth to dust return we must
Battered and soiled in whom we trust
Savagery negates all serious fame
But lusts the need to lay the blame

Fuelled anger forges patriotic pride
Against the clouded smoke swept sky hide
Heroes mounting cost exclaimed
Crying out loudly they all proclaim

For innocent are we laid down in sacrifice
Hold no ill hate toward the maddening vice
Lest we lose honour on humanity's fields
By lowering the standard of our shields

Agony surrounds the pit from hell
Ring the sound of silence from every bell
Scourge every place leave none unturned
The blessed souls flamed fired burned

Hallowed fellowship in heavenly host
The lurid tragedy ultimately bled the most
The mighty eagle rises then soars
Underneath America aroused does roar

Tributes magnify across the land
Hold one another enclose a hand
Embraced the nations unite to defend
Growing strengths terror mounted descend

Glories angered anguished response deluge
Fear inspired heart wrenched rage looms huge
Desperate families holding lasting hope
Never may they ever learn to cope

Folding arms encompass the masses serene
Massive gathering under operation clean
People cluster to find comfort seek
Head held high above the dreadful reek

Singing souls reach high above
Sending spirits single tasked dove
 Never more to forget us lest
All the worthy now at rest

Stu!... [stumacsu] Stuart Charles Mackenzie October 2001

Poetry Title: Sept 11 Ever after September 2002
 Sept 11 Ever after

Out of ashes seeds emerge
Nothing restrains natural surge
Humanity faltered, stumbled, staggered
Twelve months on, gone the haggard

Life resounds around about
People milling feel scream shout
Monuments courageous left behind
Always remembered stand out find

Building nations friends did toil
Forget never sacred soil
On such ground so hallowed now
Souls embrace furrowed brow

Onward forward fear future call
Many follow as one us all
Spreading word far so wide
All over every country side

Till exhausted throat comes hoarse
Help sanction world light right course
Generations thousands young hasten come
Must never pay priceless sum

Lives lost prepare those not born
Will risen sing, sounding horn
That spirited peace must still remain
Friendship, kindness always reign

Guide wisely though our futures past
Caution ensures our love enduring last
Forward heartened, comforted strong so free
Share showered love for all you see

Stu!... [stumacsu] Stuart Charles Mackenzie Poem September 2002