The spirit of


There is something in the air right now

It makes me want to kneel and bow

Before the mighty feeling this time of year

It trickles and builds to bring great cheer


 Really and truly it is not quite there

But surely it will come because we care

You often get little specks of joy

While looking around and shopping for toys


Just walking passing people in the street

The hello or good day we say as we meet

Generosity abounds because we bring

A little something a simple thing


Making each and everyone smile

Lift up the spirit kind of an extra mile

With innocent but heartfelt flare

Hope arises right up the stairs


The sense of it starts everywhere

Inside a shop right over there

It spreads all around the countryside

Glorious are the emotions on this ride


No need for false appreciations seen

Everybody is actually very keen

Takes just a little while to ignite

From morning glory to the dark night


Mount it comes in ever growing waves

Just like us turning corners in the caves

Every minute of the coming day next

Heightens the anticipation not vexed


Investigating this unusually weird feeling

Somehow leaves that fresh tingling reeling

The homely friendly cosy warm inside

All of us would like to burst with pride


Feel it now creeping up and circling around

Hardly making even the slightest sound

Have your way oh spirit of secrets

Cause we know you never leave regrets


Stu [stumacsu] Stuart Charles Mackenzie

White Christmas


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